Mission Vision Values


The mission of Norwalk Hospital is to provide uniquely excellent, innovative and compassionate health care with exceptional outcomes.



Norwalk Hospital will be the hospital of choice for patients, physicians and health care professionals, recognized for delivering innovative clinical services with compassion.



Norwalk Hospital is guided by these values:

Patient-Centered—Honoring each individual’s dignity, privacy and confidentiality; empowering patients and their families as partners in their care; facilitating simple, convenient ways for patients and their families to use our programs and services;

Excellence—Setting the highest standards for safety, clinical outcomes and personal service, and continuously measuring, monitoring and raising those standards;

Innovation—Continuously pioneering new and better ways to deliver care, research and prevention of illness;

Leadership—Attracting and developing throughout the organization people who are recognized as exceptional leaders and who subscribe to these values;

Teamwork—Working together to achieve our mission and goals in a cooperative, respectful, open environment;

Trust and Fairness—Fostering a climate of openness in which all who work here treat one another with trust and fairness; supporting open communications to enhance this climate;

Education—Providing nationally recognized medical education programs for future providers; participating in clinical research, and offering a range of educational programs to our patients and the community to enhance their health and well-being;

Financial Responsibility—Being accountable as financial stewards for constant improvement in the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery; coordinating the services of Norwalk Hospital with those of other health, education and social services in the community (e.g., long-term care facilities, community outreach, health promotion/illness prevention organizations, etc.) in order to optimize the availability of a full scope of services in a cost-effective manner;

Charity—As a not-for-profit organization, providing needed medical care to all, including those who cannot pay for it.