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Bloodless Surgery

For a variety of reasons, including religion and medical concerns, many surgeries are now performed using “bloodless surgery” techniques. Our Norwalk Hospital anesthesiologists are well-trained and experienced in these techniques. We use a variety of bloodless surgery techniques, including:

  • Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution: Immediately prior to surgery in the operating room, an adequate amount of your blood is collected under monitored and controlled conditions. Your blood volume is then replenished with fluids called plasma expanders that dilute your blood while maintaining its stability. During surgery, you lose the diluted blood. Once most of the bleeding during surgery is over, the undiluted blood that was collected preoperatively is transfused back into you..
  • Intra-op cell salvage: For selected surgical procedures, blood lost during surgery is collected using a special suction machine along with an anticoagulant. The same blood is periodically transfused back to the patient after proper filtration of debris.