Program Goals

Program Goal #1

The program will prepare entry level dietitians to function as members the interdisciplinary healthcare team, in the clinical community or the food service arena


  • Over a 5 year period, 80% of surveyed program graduates will rank the WCHN DI as preparing them "adequately" for entry level practice.

Program Goal # 2

The program will provide an interactive learning environments to enhance the knowledge and develop skills necessary to pass the RDN exam


  • 100% of graduates will take the RD exam within 4 months of the program completion
  • Over a five-year period, 80% of graduating interns, will pass the registration examination within 1 year following the first attempt
  • Over a five-year period, 85% of interns will complete the program within 15 months or 150% of the time planned for completion

Program Goal # 3

The program will supply the workforce with competent entry-level dietitians


  • Over a five-year period, 70% of graduates that sought employments in the field will be employed in 9 months
  • Over a five-year period, 90% of returned employer surveys, will rank graduates working in the field of dietetics as "adequately prepared" for entry level practice.

The program outcome data is available upon request