Driver Rehabilitation

Driver Rehabilitation

Fairfield County’s only such program, we evaluate driving safety for people who’ve had an injury, illness or age-related changes.

Our Norwalk Hospital Driver Rehabilitation Program provides an unbiased, medical evaluation of whether a person can safely operate a motor vehicle and maintain a driver’s license. Specially trained driver rehabilitation therapists perform a two-hour evaluation, including both clinical and behind-the-wheels assessments in our specially equipped minivan. Please note that Medicare and health insurance plans do not cover driver rehabilitation evaluations.

  • Clinical Evaluation: This program requires a valid driver’s license and that participants meet the minimum standards for motor vehicle operation as outlined by the Connecticut Medical Advisory Board guideline for determining driver limitation. Following a referral from a physician, patients will complete a clinical evaluation by an occupational therapist, which includes assessment of cognitive performance, visual ability and physical capabilities. The driving rehabilitation staff includes occupational therapists specially trained in adaptive driving techniques.
  • Behind the Wheel Assessment: The second part of the evaluation is completed while driving Norwalk Hospital’s adaptive vehicle. An occupational therapist will evaluate use of adaptive devices learned in the clinic, combined with assessment of reaction time, driving knowledge and problem solving. Based on driving experience and individual needs, the program includes driving in all traffic environments while emphasizing defensive principles. Continued training is available following the initial assessment.
This adaptive vehicle is equipped with these features:
  • Access ramp
  • 6-way seat
  • Hand controls
  • Steering devices
  • Left-foot accelerator
  • Pedal extensions
  • Instructor brake
Adjustments can be made to accommodate drivers who will drive while seated in a wheelchair. All modifications are removable if not required.

Norwalk Hospital’s evaluation program is consistent with the research results advocated by a number of leading universities, medical institutions and the Association of Driver Rehabilitation Specialists. Speak with your physician about a referral to participate in this program or call (203) 852-3400 for more information.

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