Pain Management

Expertise to Ease Your Pain.

You’ve suffered an injury. We will treat your pain and manage your recovery.

You have inexplicable pangs of discomfort that linger, persist or repeat. This is chronic pain, and it can occur anywhere in your body, including the neck, back, hip, knee, wrist, shoulder, muscles or abdomen. We can find the cause of your pain, treat it and ease your suffering. We’ll cover all the bases. Our pain management team has a range of expertise in fields such as internal medicine, physical therapy, occupational therapy and behavioral health. In 2012, we welcomed pain medicine specialist Aisha Baqai, MD, adding pain management to the robust list of specialties offered by Norwalk Hospital Physicians & Surgeons (NHP&S).

Don’t suffer needlessly. Optimize your quality of life. Pain management has come a long way. In recent years, there has been a greater awareness and understanding of chronic pain and an increase in services available to effectively control it.

It all starts with evaluation. Norwalk Hospital, Dr. Baqai and our pain management team are here for you. Give us a call. We’re committed to treating your injury or chronic pain, ensuring your comfort and optimizing your quality of life.