Cancers We Treat

Gold Ribbon People 99200478Norwalk Hospital physicians utilize a multidisciplinary team approach to treating cancer. This enables the design of an individualized treatment plan best suited to each patient. We take into account not only the specific type and stage of cancer but also the specifics of the individual affected, including their age, general condition and other health problems, family situation, personal treatment preferences, financial need and other life stressors. The cancers we specialize in treating include:

Patient Navigation

Patient navigation is a personalized program that helps someone diagnosed with cancer find and access all the available resources they need. Our team of patient navigators helps guide you through the logistics of our health care system by scheduling appointments, helping with insurance, creating treatment care plans and providing education about your prescribed cancer treatment. They also keep all of your doctors and specialists informed about your treatments. Our navigators are dedicated to managing all cancers from the most common to the rarest forms.

Who are patient navigators?

At Norwalk Hospital, you will be paired with a twoperson navigation team that works closely with all of your doctors. This team includes a:

  • Patient Services Coordinator – helps find specialists, assists with making appointments, and helps with insurance, transportation and any other non-medical needs or questions. These navigators are certified in patient navigation.
  • Nurse Navigator – provides education about chemotherapy, treatments, side effects, changes in therapy or finding a cancer clinical trial through our cancer research nurses. These registered nurses or nurse practitioners are certified in oncology and have other special oncology credentials to ensure you receive the most advanced and comprehensive care.

What if I receive some of my cancer treatment at another hospital?

Our doctors work collaboratively with other hospitals when necessary to provide you with the very best cancer care. Our navigators can help coordinate consultations with physicians at other hospitals and help you transition back to Norwalk Hospital after treatment at another facility.

How do I access my navigation team?

Regardless of the type of cancer you are being treated for or who your doctor is, you’re eligible for navigation services as a patient at Norwalk Hospital. Simply call (203) 852+2148 and ask to meet with our navigation team. In most cases, one of your doctors has already asked a navigator to contact you at the time of your diagnosis. For breast cancer patients, our navigators are in the Smilow Family Breast Health Center, located at Norwalk Hospital’s main campus and at 148 East Ave. in Norwalk. Please call (203) 852+2300 to speak with our breast health navigator team.


Cancer patient navigation: (203) 852+2148

Breast cancer patient navigation: (203) 852+2300