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What Our Patients Say

“Educating the patient and caregiver was, for us, a significant comfort prior to the surgical experience. My wife and I had considered going to a hospital in New York City, not realizing that Norwalk Hospital has a segregated joint replacement floor and that all patients have their own room and bathroom. I felt that I could not have had better care anywhere in the world. It is great to know that we have such an excellent health care center in our community, and thank you for all your efforts in making and improving the institution.” R.L.

“I would like to commend all of the staff at Norwalk Hospital for being efficient, for managing my wife’s pain, and for providing us with undivided attention. I would also commend my surgeon and his team for the excellent results of my wife’s surgery. He is an outstanding and compassionate surgeon. If anyone is thinking of having joint surgery, I wholeheartedly recommend Coastal Orthopedics and Norwalk Hospital. You will not receive better care anywhere.”  R.W.

“Congratulations on having an institution that performs so consistently on such a high level. My surgeon’s reputation, clear explanations, obvious knowledge, responsiveness, and even his sense of humor helped me feel confident in choosing him. “ R. L.

“Four weeks after my hip replacement and as I get back to work or drive around doing errands, I haven’t forgotten for one instant the extraordinary care I received at the hands of everyone on the replacement team. ” D.O.

“There is a true sense of community among all who are involved in patient care. That is a rare and wonderful thing in a hospital–especially in these times. “ S. S.

What a fun trip my family and I had in Colorado. The six of us skied on Christmas Day. My goal was to take one or two runs, and instead I was able to ski for four hours! I started the day on the green beginner slopes, but quickly picked up where I left off skiing seven years ago. My new hip did so well - not once did I have any pain or discomfort. And while I took it a little easier than I did in my early days on the slopes, I was on the mountain with my family and not in the lodge. It was a trip to remember! D.T.

"Just wanted to let you know that you and the whole joint team are amazing! It has been only a week and I am about as normal as I could ask without much pain at all.  I have been doing all of the exercises  and am feeling very confident.  This whole experience has so far been very positive.  I will certainly share it with all of my friends and family, some of whom, I am sure, will be candidates for new knees in the future. To you and everyone that I met last week, it has truly been a pleasure."  P.G.

“I encountered many magnificent staff members who clearly understand the importance of meeting patients’ individual needs.” L.B.

“The program, the staff, and our experience was first class.  From beginning to end, the process was seamless.  We would recommend Norwalk Hospital and the Joint Replacement Center to anyone anticipating this type of surgery.” J.Y.

“You will not receive better care anywhere.”   R.W.

“It is great to know that we have such an excellent health care center in our own community.” R.L.

“It was very, very reassuring to know that everyone in the place was highly experienced and immersed in the latest trends and techniques with hips and knees. “ T.W.

 “Joint replacement candidates in other cities and states should be coming to Norwalk Hospital for their procedures.”  H.R.

“I stand in awe of the vast modernization that continues to be implemented at Norwalk Hospital.” L.B.