Nutrition Center Services, Classes and Programs

Norwalk Hospital’s Nutrition Center offers medical nutrition therapy in a group setting or as one-on-one counseling. We also offer programs on healthy eating for children and for adults, along with group weight loss programs.

Our registered dietitians help patients with special diets prescribed for a variety of medical conditions, including cancer treatment, diabetes, food allergies and intolerances, among others.

Individualized Counseling for Children and Adults

At Norwalk Hospital, we understand that there is no single approach to nutrition that works for everyone. That is why we are proud to offer individual and group options for counseling. Our registered dietitians offer adult and pediatric one-on-one medical nutrition therapy, by appointment, Monday through Saturday.

Group Counseling and Classes for Children and Adults

At Norwalk Hospital’s Nutrition Center, we invite parents and children to learn together in a group program, Kids’ Healthy Weight. We also offer an adult healthy weight program, teaching the fundamentals of healthy eating and exercise in a small group setting. 

WCHN Dietetic Internship

Western Connecticut Health Network is pleased to present our Dietetic Internship Program with a concentration in medical nutrition therapy. Dietetic interns will experience a broad range of instruction and hands-on experience in a dynamic setting dedicated to health education and research.