Faculty and Staff

Clinical Sections

The Section of Cardiology has an active, well-structured program that includes both resident and medical student rotations. There are weekly educational conferences, journal clubs and cardiology clinics. The Section is active in Holter monitoring, nuclear medicine techniques, pacemaker insertions, catheterizations, and transesophageal echocardiography.

Chief: David Lomnitz, MD
Medical School: University of Pennsylvania
Residency: University of California, San Francisco
Fellowship: New York Presbyterian Hospital, Cornell Medical College

  • Boris Sheynberg, MD
  • Indraneil Ray, MD
  • Archad Yekta, MD
  • Donna Lentini, APRN
  • Ira Galin, MD
  • Michael Logue, MD

The Section of Dermatology has a resident elective that actively utilizes section members’ offices in the teaching of basic dermatologic principles.

Chief: Leon Luck, MD
Medical School: Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University
Residency: Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Fellowship: Montefiore Hospital

  • Cyrus Chess, MD
  • Kenneth Cutler, MD
  • Lloyd Godwin, MD
  • Charles Halasz, MD
  • Ronald Kahan, MD
  • Steven Kolenik, MD
  • Michael Noonan, MD
  • Debra Weissman, MD
  • Gail Whitman, MD
  • Jason Wilder, DO

The Endocrinology Section runs a well-structured elective program for medical residents. The rotation includes inpatient consultations and an endocrinology clinic focusing on consultations in diabetes, thyroid disease, general endocrinology, and diabetes in pregnancy at the Norwalk Community Health Center. There is also a daily educational meeting with the attending and the resident on a one-to-one basis. Residents gain experience by working four half-days per week in the private-practice offices of physicians in the Section. There is exposure to diabetes management conferences with the certified nurse educators. The Section is responsible for an active diabetes nurse-clinician program, as well as for patient education courses in diabetes.

Chief:  Nancy Rennert, MD
Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Medical School: University of Pittsburgh
Residency: University of Pittsburgh
Fellowship: Yale University

  • Pamela Randolph, MD
  • Glenn Siegel, MD

Gastroenterology and Nutrition
The Section of Gastroenterology and Nutrition has an  active training program for students, residents and fellows. In its training program, the Section works with the Departments of Radiology and Pathology, as well as with the Section of Digestive Diseases at Yale. The Section  has a weekly educational conference, journal club,nutrition clinic, gastroenterology clinic as well as a weekly conference at Yale. The Section has an active nutritional support program and conducts research in the area of dietary fiber, opioid physiology and Helicobacter pylori.

Chief and Fellowship Program Director: William B. Hale, MD Clinical Instructor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
Medical School: University of Wisconsin Medical School
Residency: Boston Medical Center
Fellowship: Boston University Medical Center

  • Charles Adelmann, MD
  • Naveen Anand, MD
  • Claudia Gruss, MD
  • Reid Hopkins, MD
  • Joseph Lim, MD
  • Suma Magge, MD
  • Rakhee Mangla, MD
  • Dennis M. Meighan, DO
  • Harvey Riback, MD
  • Frank Sammarco, MD

General Internal Medicine
Norwalk Hospital is unique among community hospitals. Not only does the Department of Medicine provide superior clinical care, it has been able to provide faculty whose main purpose is to educate both residents and students. There is an active hospitalist clinician-educator program and a large number of full-time generalists involved in teaching. Norwalk Hospital offers the educational benefits of an academic center amidst excellent community-based clinical care. The objective of this approach is to give close supervision in the basic principles of internal medicine as the focal point around which the rest of medical education is centered.

Chief: James Samuel, MD
Medical School: Chicago Medical School
Residency: University of Connecticut

  • Robert Altbaum, MD
  • Golnaz Ashrafzadeh, MD
  • Sally Bergwerk, MD
  • Wesley Calvin, DO
  • Tony Chow, MD
  • Mark Dam, MD
  • Marvin Den, MD
  • Jill Denowitz, MD
  • Eric Einstein, MD
  • Cynthia Feher, MD
  • Nancy Gade, MD
  • Raman Gill-Meyer, MD
  • Vasiliki Harisis, MD
  • Peter Hasapis, MD
  • Arthur Heliotis, MD
  • Elizabeth Heuzey, MD
  • Jay A. Horn, MD
  • Richard G. Huntley, Jr., MD
  • Samarth Iyanalli, MD
  • Varshapriya A. Iyer, MD
  • Kelly Jarrett, MD
  • Eunice Kang, MD
  • Nina S. Karol, MD
  • Paul Kelly, DO
  • Anjum Khan, MD
  • Ellen Kulaga, MD
  • Mark Kulaga, MD
  • Denise Lautenbach, MD
  • Donald J. Leone, MD
  • James Lewis, MD
  • Eric Mazur, MD
  • James O’Connell, MD
  • Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD
  • Alan Radin, MD
  • Rahim Rahimyar, MD
  • Michael B. Schwartz, DO
  • Craig Serin, MD
  • Peter M. Shutkin, MD
  • Diana Sewell, MD
  • James A. Slater, MD
  • Christina Smina, MD
  • Warren Steinberg, MD
  • Seth Sullivan, MD
  • Julia Voytovich, MD
  • Richard Westfal, MD
  • Anna Zielinska, MD

Geriatric Medicine
Residents are involved in outpatient evaluations of geriatric patients through a nursing home experience. The focus is on the development of the broad-ranged knowledge and skills necessary to care for our growing elderly population and its complex and multidimensional problems. As PGY-2s, residents spend a three-week block rotation at the Jewish Home for the Elderly, the premier teaching nursing home of Fairfield County.

  • Robert Altbaum, MD
  • Eric Einstein, MD
  • Victoria Gassman, MD
  • Pamela Hoffman, MD
  • James O’Connell, MD
  • Alan Radin, MD

The Section of Hematology/Oncology coordinates a large program of cancer chemotherapy, both inpatient and  outpatient. The resident rotation on this service offers a combination of hematology and oncology consultation  experience, exposure to the treatment of cancer patients (chemotherapy protocols and support systems), review of pathology material and a significant amount of outpatient office involvement. The office aspect of this rotation gives the resident a perspective of cancer patients not possible in the acute hospital setting. There is the opportunity to become involved in research projects related to clinical  oncology, some of which were initiated by Norwalk Hospital, as well as hematology.

  • Daniel Boxer, MD
  • Richard C. Frank, MD
  • Sheena Sahota, MD
  • Linda Vahdat, MD
  • George Zahrah, MD

Hospital Medicine

Chief: Seth Sullivan, MD
Medical School: University of Kansas
Residency: University of Missouri

  • Golnaz Ashrafzadeh, MD
  • Wesley Calvin, DO
  • Tony Chow, MD
  • Raman Gill-Meyer, MD
  • Vasiliki Harisis, MD
  • Elizabeth Heuzey, MD
  • Samarth Iyanalli, MD
  • Eunice Kang, MD
  • Anjum Khan, MD
  • Mark Kulaga, MD
  • Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD
  • Rahim Rahimyar, MD
  • Emanuela Sangeorzan, MD
  • Diana Sewell, MD
  • Seth Sullivan, MD
  • Anna Zielinska, MD
  • Anjum Khan, MD
  • Mark Kulaga, MD
  • Jason Orlinick, MD, PhD
  • Rahim Rahimyar, MD
  • Sergii Rakhuba, MD
  • Emanuela Sangeorzan, MD
  • Diana Sewell, MD
  • Seth Sullivan, MD
  • Anna Zielinska, MD

Teaching primarily in the outpatient section, the Section of Immunology/Allergy provides a basic orientation to seasonal allergies, immune mechanisms and drug hypersensitivities. The Section provides clinical and educational activities.

Chief: Joseph Sproviero, MD
Medical School: Columbia University
Residency: Yale New Haven Hospital
Fellowship: Yale New Haven Hospital

  • Denis Bouboulis, MD
  • Philip Hemmers, DO
  • Mitchell Lester, MD
  • Mark Litchman, MD
  • Aymeric Louit, MD
  • Agnieszka Matczuk, MD
  • Rishon Stember, MD

Infectious Disease
The rotations in Infectious Disease for students and residents utilize a busy inpatient consultation service. In addition to covering the basic principles of its specialty, this rotation is noted at Norwalk Hospital for its emphasis on the complete evaluation of the patient, particularly through fundamental clinical means. In addition to stressing clinical skills, the student and the resident spend some of their time in the microbiology lab.

Chief: Paul Pino, DO
Medical School: University of New England
Residency: Norwalk Hospital
Fellowship: University of Connecticut

  • Nabeela Khan, MD
  • Sushma Ramprasad, MD
  • Booth Wainscoat, MD

The Nephrology Section operates a regional dialysis program for both hemodialysis and ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. The Section is also active in the use of hemofiltration and plasmapheresis. The Nephrology Section has been particularly prominent in recognizing the effect of phosphate binders on aluminum bone toxicity and in the management of metabolic bone disease. The resident and student rotations stress the clinical aspects of acute renal failure, hypertension, and fluid and electrolyte disorders.

Chief: Paul Wiener, MD
Medical School: SUNY Binghamton
Residency: Kings County Hospital
Fellowship: Mount Sinai Medical Center

  • Richard T. Gervasi, MD
  • Sarah Khan, MD

The Neurology Section cares for a large inpatient and outpatient population and is responsible for a significant number of diagnostic studies including EEGs, EMGs and evoked potentials. The resident on the Neurology rotation will have his or her cases closely reviewed on a daily basis to relate clinical and laboratory findings.

Chief: Amy M. Knorr, MD
Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
Residency: Yale School of Medicine
Fellowship: Yale School of Medicine

  • Louis Cuzzone, MD
  • Daryl Story, MD
  • Irina Taraban, MD
  • James Thompson, MD

Pulmonary Medicine
The Section of Pulmonary Medicine operates a large and varied program. In addition to active inpatient and outpatient care, the Section is responsible for a clinical fellowship program, the Hinds Center for Respiratory Research, a school of respiratory technology, a hyperbaric medicine and wound care facility, a large pulmonary function laboratory, a sophisticated sleep disorders laboratory, a pulmonary rehabilitation program and a post-discharge respiratory care program. The Section has been active in outcome research, novel therapies for asthma, COPD and ARDS, the evaluation of occupational diseases of the lung, and in the development of the use of computers in medicine. An accredited Sleep Fellowship Program is affiliated with the Section.

Chief: Amy Ahasic, MD, MPH, FCCP
Medical School: Yale School of Medicine
Residency: Yale New Haven Hospital
Fellowship: Harvard Combined Program (MGH, BWH, BIOM)

Fellowship Program Director: Ian Weir, DO
Clinical Instructor, Yale School of Medicine
Medical School: Nova Southeastern College
Residency: Johns Hopkins Hospital
Fellowship: Norwalk Hospital

  • Charles Cochran, MD
  • Jonathan Fine, MD
  • Caroline Kurtz, MD
  • Christopher Manfredi, DO
  • Andrew Murphy, MD
  • Jonathan Rosen, MD
  • Robyn Scatena, MD

The Section of Rheumatology offers an elective rotation that combines inpatient consultation, outpatient experience in the section chief’s office, and two weekly clinics at Yale. The Section has also been active in extending its educational program to the community, teaching about how rheumatic disease may influence work capacity. In addition, the Section has been active in various research protocols, especially in drug therapy of rheumatic diseases.

Chief: Stuart N. Novack, MD
Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale School of Medicine
Medical School: SUNY Upstate
Residency: UCLA Medical Center
Fellowship: UCLA Medical Center

  • Roberta Rose, MD
  • Jessica Stein, MD