Conferences and Research

Norwalk Hospital’s commitment to education is evidenced by its highly active conference schedule that combines workshops, faculty and invited speakers, and fellow-led activities. Weekly conferences include:

  • Connecticut State Chest Conference hosted at Yale Medical School. This two-hour weekly conference features exceptional case presentations and lectures from internationally renowned pulmonary-critical care physicians. During the summer months, State Chest is devoted to lectures on common pulmonary and critical care disorders.
  • Norwalk Pulmonary Section Conference. This weekly series entails a rotating format of invited expert speakers, topical lectures from Section members and fellows as well as Morbidity and Mortality, Pathology, and Quality and Safety lectures.
  • Critical Care Workshop. This weekly workshop is led by the Section Chief and Head of Critical Care, Dr. Stephen Winter, and covers a comprehensive curriculum of critical care topics.
  • Ambulatory Case Conference. Dr. Jonathan Fine, Program Director, conducts this broad-ranging weekly session, in which ambulatory cases and topics are examined in depth.
  • Pulmonary Physiology Lecture Series. Each year, the fellows and faculty participate in a 12-lecture course that provides grounding in respiratory physiology.
  • Research Conference. This weekly conference focuses on the research of the Pulmonary and Sleep fellows.

Fellows also participate in Norwalk Hospital’s bi-weekly multidisciplinary Thoracic Tumor Board attended by Yale thoracic surgeons and pulmonologists. Additional conferences include monthly journal club, weekly Sleep Medicine conferences, and Internal Medicine Grand Rounds.


By integrating our comprehensive clinical training experience with the opportunity to engage in clinically oriented research, our fellowship program prepares fellows to combine excellent patient care with investigational endeavors. All fellows participate in clinically related research endeavors in a variety of areas including critical care medicine, pulmonary medicine, outcomes research, hyperbaric medicine, sleep medicine and medical informatics. The research training at Norwalk has successfully prepared fellows for university-based positions as well as hospital leadership posts.

Examples of current projects pertain to the study of 30 day readmission of COPD, management of environmental hypothermia, evaluation of pulmonary embolism, and implementation of ARDS protocol. The Section also participates in NIH-sponsored trials such as the PROCESS study, which is evaluating the outcome of sepsis treatment with Early Goal Directed Therapy versus routine care and the upcoming Procalcitonin Antibiotic Consensus Trial. High-level statistical support and professional coordinators are available to assist the fellows in their research.