Housing and Benefits

Hospital Housing 

In addition to a competitive salary, Norwalk Hospital provides highly subsidized housing. Housing ranges from studio apartments to townhouses, all within walking distance. Hospital housing serves three important functions. Because the apartments are on the Hospital campus, residents who choose to live there have no commuting expense and spend no time commuting. With a good salary and effectively free housing, residents can live comfortably during their training at Norwalk Hospital. They are not forced to moonlight or borrow to make ends meet or to begin to pay back student loans. Call rooms are provided by the department, with new linens daily. This makes being on call much less burdensome and intrusive. 

Because most of the residents live in Hospital housing, it is common for junior residents to call upon senior residents to help out in some situations. This has proven most valuable in resident-to-resident teaching. The house-staff and fellows from other departments also typically live in the Hospital-housing complex, which has consequently emerged as a social center for house-staff and their families. 

Vacation and Conference Time 

Each resident receives four weeks of vacation yearly, holidays, three personal days and one week for continuing medical education (CME). Residents schedule their own vacation time. Residents are also off the day after they have been on overnight call, and are excused at 3:00 p.m. before beginning on call at 5:00 p.m. Residents on call Saturday can choose either Friday or Monday as an additional day off. 


Residents’ salaries are competitive, and Norwalk Hospital provides highly subsidized housing. Residents who choose not to live in hospital housing receive an additional stipend to help offset the cost of outside housing. Hospital parking at outpatient facility parking is free for our residents. Medical, dental, life and disability insurance are offered for house-staff and their families. A generous stipend is provided for each resident to attend the 4-week American Institute for Radiologic-Pathologic correlation in Silver Spring, MD. Our attending radiologists also set aside a portion of their own salary to provide a large number of textbooks for our first-year radiology residents, with 24-hour access to our radiology library and teaching files. A resident stipend for educational expenses is provided during the R3 and R4 years. Funds have also been set aside for residents who will be presenting at a medical conference. Our residents are reimbursed for 3 radiology board review courses, medical physics board review, radiation biology board review, a yearly Radiology Physics Examination (RAPHEX), and a yearly American College of Radiology in-service exam, in addition to the months of case reviews provided by our faculty and guest lecturers. Residents on call receive meal tickets for our hospital cafeteria. There is a free gym in the hospital which is open 24 hours a day.