Foot Ankle Surgery

Our expert foot and ankle orthopedic surgeons treat conditions such as:

●      Arthritis

●      Bunions and hammertoes

●      Problems relating to diabetes

●      Heel pain

●      Lesions and tumors

●      Simple and complex foot and ankle fractures

●      Sports injuries

●      Tendon damage

●      Ankle instability

To provide the best treatment for you, our specialists will conduct a comprehensive evaluation and take into consideration your age, activity level and the type of condition you have.

Procedures we perform include:

●      Ankle fusion

●      Ankle replacement

●      Bunion surgery

●      Debridement: The removal of dead, damaged or infected tissue, may be performed to help relieve arthritis pain.

●      Osteotomy: A procedure in which a wedge of bone near a damaged joint is removed, may be performed on feet to realign toes after bunion removal.

●      Tendon transfer

To help you return to your everyday activities as soon as possible, Norwalk Hospital’s Rehabilitation Services Department provides specialized physical therapy on an inpatient and outpatient basis.