Norwalk Hospital’s experienced vascular surgeons care for patients with diseases that affect the circulatory system (arteries and veins throughout the body), excluding the heart.

Several of our Norwalk Hospital vascular surgeons have been named Top Doctors in Fairfield County. Renowned for treatment of complex venous disease, our vascular surgeons are lead investigators in national multicenter studies on innovative venous innovations, many only performed at a few, select academic medical centers.

Dr. Paul Gagne, Chief of Vascular Surgery, was the first surgeon in Connecticut to implant a drug-eluting stent to reopen a blocked artery in the thigh of a person with peripheral arterial disease (PAD).

Vascular Conditions

Our board-certified vascular surgeons offer high-quality, advanced treatment for vascular conditions such as:

●      Abdominal and thoracic aortic aneurysms

●      Aortic dissection

●      Carotid stenosis

●      Deep vein disease

●      Deep vein thrombosis (DVT)

●      Peripheral artery disease

●      Venous insufficiency

●      Venous ulcers

●      Varicose veins