Weight Loss (Bariatric) Support Group: Welcomes All Patients Who Have Already Had Bariatric Surgery

Norwalk Hospital

All post-operative bariatric patients at different stages of their weight loss journey are welcome to attend this interactive 60-minute bariatric support group. Support groups are conducted by a skilled Eating Disorders Specialist, Mary P. Ziller, L.C.S.W. who inspires thought-provoking sessions to keep bariatric patients on track with the physical and emotional changes that occur. The purpose of the group is for patients to learn how to effectively unitize their chosen bariatric surgery for continued weight loss and eventual maintenance and to achieve peace and emotional clarity regarding eating patterns and body image issues.

In a trusting environment, Ms. Ziller's focus is to guide patients to identify and release psychosocial stressors that block them from feeling good about themselves and contribute to emotional eating and weight struggles. Positive methods for self-care are highlighted and a series of individual skill-sets are reinforced at each support group.

A few topics covered include:

  • managing the medical and technical challenges of lap-band/ bypass surgery;
  • differences between physical and emotional hunger;
  •  mindless/intuitive eating;
  • cognitive eating belief levels;
  • managing stressful events;
  • pivoting off of negative thoughts;
  • the tyranny of the “Shoulds;” 12-Step Principles and body confidence.p lead by Mary Ziller LCSW offering post op bariatric support.

December 5, 2017 6:30 pm – 7:30 pm

Norwalk Hospital, Volunteer Conference Room - 1st Floor

34 Maple St Norwalk, CT 06856  

Barbara Vala 203-852-3100 or barbara.vala@wchn.org