Patient Testimonials

Virginia’s Story: “…The doctor that was on call pretty much saved my life.”

Virginia - a resident of Norwalk, CT - came home one day after grocery shopping and felt tired.  After resting for a while, she put her groceries away, made dinner for her husband, and then experienced a heart attack without realizing it.

She called 9-1-1 and the ambulance drove her to Norwalk Hospital for emergency heart attack care.  After getting a stent, which saved her life, Virginia continues to visit Norwalk Hospital for cardiac rehabilitation and to share her story with fellow heart attack survivors. 

Learn about Virginia’s story about the importance of recognizing heart attack and calling 9-1-1.

David’s Story: “ When you can relate to the doctor who has your life in his hands, it makes for an altogether more comforting experience.”

David was healthy his entire life, until he had a heart attack on the Metro-North train on his way to New York City.  After a brief stay at a New York hospital, David - a New Canaan resident - came to Norwalk Hospital to decipher his heart attack and various symptoms that had been bothering him.

Working with Dr. Seth Sullivan and all the healthcare providers that had been involved in his care, Dr. Sullivan and his team identified a rare auto-immune disease at had plagued David for a long time and resulted in his heart attack.

Listen to David’s story about the dedicated Norwalk Hospital team that saved his life.