COVID-19 Testing

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Who can have a COVID-19 test at Nuvance Health?

New or existing patients with symptoms, or previously confirmed positive

  • New or existing patients experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 can have a COVID-19 test.
  • New or existing patients previously confirmed positive who require clearance using test-based strategy to return to work can also have a COVID-19 test.

Nuvance Health procedural and surgical patients
Nuvance Health procedural and surgical patients who meet criteria for testing should have a COVID-19 test at least 72 hours before their procedure/surgery. Your physician or surgeon will let you know if you need a COVID-19 test.

Other COVID-19 testing needs
Criteria for COVID-19 testing continues to evolve as testing capacity expands, and state and federal governments announce reopening requirements. Please call your healthcare clinician to determine if you meet criteria for a COVID-19 test based on the latest guidelines and your particular situation including risk of exposure or need for testing. This may include if you’re asymptomatic (not experiencing symptoms) but would like to be tested.

Where can I have a COVID-19 test?

New or existing patients with symptoms or previously confirmed positive
COVID-19 specimen collection is available for new or existing patients at Nuvance Health primary care practices. New or existing patients who want a COVID-19 test should first schedule a Virtual Visit with a Nuvance Health primary care clinician. For more information, to schedule an appointment, or to find a clinician, visit

Your healthcare clinician will let you know how to get a COVID-19 test if they determine you need one based on your Virtual Visit or in-person evaluation.

Nuvance Health procedural and surgical patients
Your physician or surgeon will order a COVID-19 test for you if you meet criteria for testing before a procedure or surgery. If you meet the criteria, you’ll need a COVID-19 test within 72 hours of your procedure or surgery. Your physician or surgeon will provide you information about how to schedule an appointment and where to go for specimen collection. Nuvance Health COVID-19 specimen collection sites for procedural and surgical patients are at Nuvance Health locations in Danbury, New Milford, and Norwalk.

Other COVID-19 testing needs
If you’re not a Nuvance Health patient, please contact your healthcare clinician to first to determine if you meet criteria for a COVID-19 test. If your healthcare clinician orders a COVID-19 test for you, they will let you know where to go for specimen collection.

Do I need to schedule an appointment to get a COVID-19 test?
An appointment is required at all Nuvance Health COVID-19 test locations. Depending on your particular situation, your healthcare clinician will either schedule the appointment for you, or give you the phone number to call to schedule an appointment.

What do I need to bring with me for my specimen collection appointment?

  • Government-issued photo ID (examples: driver’s license, passport)
  • Insurance card (if you have one)
  • Physician order (prescription) for the COVID-19 test. Your healthcare clinician will tell you if you need to bring a paper order with you or if it will be submitted electronically.
  • Wear a medical face mask

How will you collect the specimen sample from me?
Under the supervision of a trained healthcare professional, you’ll self-administer a nasal swab to collect a sample from inside your nose. This is not a blood test. A healthcare professional will assist patients who are unable to self-administer the specimen collection. For more information about the nasal swab, please download self-swab instructions for patients.

What should I do after I have the COVID-19 test?

Experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
If you’re experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, drive home and limit your interactions with others during this time. You’ll need to be in self-quarantine at least until your test results are back. Your healthcare clinician will let you know what to do when they review your test results with you. You’ll receive self-quarantine guidelines from your healthcare clinician’s office. They can also be found on our website in the “COVID-19 Testing” section.

If you have worsening symptoms such as shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, go to the nearest emergency department. Call the emergency department to tell them you’re on your way, and that you’ve been tested for COVID-19 and are waiting for the results.

Nuvance Health procedural and surgical patients
If you needed a COVID-19 test before a procedure or surgery, plan to self-quarantine from the time of your test to your procedure or surgery. In most cases, this will be 72-hours. Your physician or surgeon will provide directions specific for you.

Other COVID-19 testing needs
If you need a COVID-19 test for reasons other than experiencing symptoms or having a procedure or surgery, your healthcare clinician will provide directions specific for you.

How long will it take to get my test results back?
It may take up to 48 hours to get your test results back. Your healthcare clinician will notify you of the results. You can also access your results through the patient portal. If you’re an existing Nuvance Health patient and already have an account, log onto Be Well patient portal
 to view your medical records. If you don’t have an account and would like to self-enroll, visit for more information.

Can anyone come with me for my appointment?
To ensure a healthy and safe environment for patients and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re continuing to limit visitors at all Nuvance Health hospitals and facilities. Patients may be allowed a support person if the patient’s clinical care team determines they’re essential to the care of the patient or medically necessary. These circumstances may include patients with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities, patients with cognitive impairments, or patients requiring communication or mobility support. All support persons must pass screenings for COVID-19 risk factors before they will be approved to accompany the patient at their appointment.

What should I do if I don’t meet the criteria for a COVID-19 test, but I still have questions or concerns?
Call your trusted Nuvance Health primary care practice. At Nuvance Health, you can schedule a Virtual Visit and have a remote consultation with a healthcare clinician.

  • For general questions or concerns, call the Nuvance Health COVID-19 Community Hotline at 1-888-667-9262.
  • For information regarding Connecticut, including alternative COVID-19 test locations, visit or call 211.
  • For information regarding New York, including alternative COVID-19 test locations, visit or call 1-888-364-3065.
  • For information about COVID-19, visit the CDC’s website:

Nuvance Health is keeping the communities informed on our website at our website and on social media @NuvanceHealth, or search for your hospital’s name. Nuvance Health hospitals include Danbury Hospital, New Milford Hospital, Norwalk Hospital, Sharon Hospital in Connecticut; Northern Dutchess Hospital, Putnam Hospital, Vassar Brothers Medical Center in New York.