Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Donate New Ambulance to Hospital

Norwalk Hospital
Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Donate New Ambulance to Hospital - Pictured on Dec. 20, 2016 are (from left):  Seamus Collins, Vice President, Development, Norwalk Hospital Foundation; Matt Soicher, Director, Emergency Medical Services, Norwalk Hospital; Rosaria Vento, gift shop volunteer; Susan Goldstein, gift shop volunteer; Fran Romano, Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Board Secretary; Margaret Laux, gift shop volunteer; Martha Rosenfeld, volunteer; Ellen Mulhearn, Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Board Assistant Treasurer; Karen Tricarico, Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Board Vice President; Corky Stewart, Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Board President and Mike Daglio, President, Norwalk Hospital.
NORWALK, Connecticut – January 17, 2017 - The Norwalk Hospital Volunteers organization has donated a new ambulance to Norwalk Hospital to expand its fleet of emergency vehicles and increase its capacity to meet the acute medical care needs of the greater Norwalk community.

Volunteers at Norwalk Hospital have a long history of Hospital service and philanthropic support. Over 400 individuals currently volunteer at the Hospital, providing 60,000 collective hours of assistance and support each year to patients, families, staff and visitors in more than 80 areas of Norwalk Hospital.

“The Norwalk Hospital Volunteers organization has donated over $3.6 million to Norwalk Hospital since 1946,” said Seamus Collins, vice president of development, Norwalk Hospital Foundation. “We are extremely grateful for the ongoing generosity of these amazing volunteers. These are wonderful people with incredible hearts.”

“Patients really love our volunteers,” said Maura Romaine, director of Volunteer Services at Norwalk Hospital. “They appreciate the comfort of flower arrangements, pillows and magazines being brought by volunteers. A caring smile or comforting word from a volunteer can brighten a patient’s day. Even our specially-trained ‘volunteer’ therapy dogs can help ease anxiety during a hospital visit.”

"I am so proud of our Norwalk Hospital Volunteers,” said Corky Stewart, president of the Norwalk Hospital Volunteers Board of Directors. “Not only do they give the priceless gift of their time and caring, but through their collective generosity have now provided a wonderful new ambulance for our community. I am truly fortunate to be a member of this exceptional group.”