Promotes healthy recovery from surgery, offers relief from pain and nausea, helps with stress management and immune health. Private and community sessions are available.

Employed over centuries for health and maintenance, acupuncture promotes balance and equilibrium of the mind and body. In essence, acupuncture guides the body towards homeostasis, where healing takes place on a deep level in a natural and organic manner.

During acupuncture, very fine needles are inserted into specific points along meridian pathways that traverse the body and correspond with the proper functioning of the organs, musculoskeletal structure and internal physiological systems. Pain and disease are mirrored through the meridians of the body. When they are properly aligned and restored to their original functioning, the result is a better balance between mind and body. As clinical studies affirm its benefits, the popularity of acupuncture continues to grow.

Private Sessions and Community Sessions

Our program offers private one-hour sessions or community acupuncture. In community sessions, patients are treated in a quiet and relaxing group setting. More affordable, these treatments are just as effective as private sessions. A private consultation is required for people who are new to acupuncture so we can ensure that community acupuncture is right for you. You can then alternate between community sessions with private sessions if you wish.