Spiritual Care

Ready to Listen and Comfort

No one at Norwalk Hospital has to face illness and crisis alone. Our chaplains are supported by community and hospital resources. We are here to care for you and your loved ones by listening, praying, providing spiritual resources and reading scripture.  Our services at the Hospital are provided free of charge.

Clinical Pastoral Education Program

Accredited professional education in the art of providing spiritual care.

Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) is an experiential learning process that provides professional chaplaincy education and spiritual care training for ministry. It brings you into supervised encounters with people in crisis. Through intense involvement with people in need of spiritual care, and the feedback you receive from peers and teachers, you develop new awareness of yourself as a person, your abilities as a caregiver, and the needs of those whom you serve.

10 Good Reasons to Call a Chaplain

Have you ever wondered…“Should I call a chaplain?”

Norwalk Hospital’s Spiritual Care staff is available for the spiritual and emotional support of all patients, their friends and family, regardless of religious affiliation.

  1. You are having a difficult time coping with the stress of illness and hospitalization.
  2. You are discouraged, anxious, grieving, afraid or sad.
  3. You need support in coping with a difficult diagnosis or prognosis.
  4. When religious practice or an event (like a wedding) is important to you, and you may miss it because you are in the hospital.
  5. Your family member needs emotional and/or spiritual support during a code, a long hospitalization, a difficult situation, etc.
  6. You have a specific religious need or question or would like to see a specific clergy person.
  7. When you feel lonely, isolated, or have few visitors.
  8. A difficult ethical or moral issue exists, and you or your family need to explore your beliefs.
  9. You are dealing with end-of-life issues and need a companion for the journey.
  10.  You just needs to talk to someone who has time to listen.

Call the Department of Spiritual Care at 203-855-3784 (internally at ext. 3784) and follow the prompts.