What Our Patients Are Saying

Norwalk Hospital distributes Press Ganey satisfaction surveys to patients who use our services, and we also receive unsolicited messages from patients who write to tell us about their experiences. We are grateful to those who took the time to write and are pleased to share with you some of their recent comments.

Comments about the Norwalk Hospital Emergency Department

  • “Professional staff, nurses, doctors, attentive, & reassuring.”
  • “EVERYONE was professional, kind, and made me feel very safe and well cared for.”
  • “Very impressed with efficiency & compassion.”
  • “CAT scan staff was extremely personable & sincere!”  
  • “Valet was exceptional & all staff - helpful.”
  • “The ER staff was excellent. This was my best experience in any ER. Unfortunately I have been in a few ERs in my life. Excellent training.”

Comments from Inpatients at Norwalk Hospital

  • “The RNs were the best. Very educational on my progress... Great group.”
  • “EVERY person who entered my room, whether it was for vitals or just to check in, was very professional and polite. Never saw an upset or mean person.”
  • “I had the best team of doctors. They were the best.”
  • “All staff, nurses, doctors, anesthesiologists, admission, parking attendant were very pleasant, easy to deal with, like everyday people you would meet – very nice!”
  • “It was clear that the nurses were very busy and did their utmost to be attentive & helpful.”
  • “The food transporter could not have been sweeter and handled questions with courtesy and a smile.”
  • “Staff was the best I have ever dealt with in ALL my past surgeries.”
  • “Every nurse that took care of me deserve the BEST of everything, they ALL went above and beyond to assist me!”
  • “People on phone for room service were some of the nicest people I've spoken to, and the people delivering & picking up food, very courteous, very professional!  Very nice!”