Daily Voice Leaders: Michael Daglio, President, Norwalk Hospital

Norwalk Hospital

NORWALK, Conn. -- For Michael Daglio, President of Norwalk Hospital and chief strategy officer of the Western Connecticut Health Network, following the norm was never part of his plans.

Daglio started working at Norwalk Hospital in 2004 as a service line executive for cardiovascular services, taking on more responsibilities as the hospital expanded. When Norwalk, along with Danbury and New Milford Hospitals, came together to form the Western Connecticut Health Network, Daglio was named chief operating officer before eventually becoming Norwalk Hospital's president in 2014.

Since his appointment, Daglio noticed an increasing need for behavioral health research, amidst the field's lack of funding. Under his leadership, the hospital has worked to improve the number and scope of health programs offered. "There is not enough access to behavioral health today so we're putting more resources into developing a center of excellence for behavioral health," said Daglio

In addition to behavioral health, Daglio has worked to improve cancer, cardiovascular, muscular, skeletal and primary patient care at Norwalk Hospital.

"We want to bring the community together to provide a much healthier outcome for all the patients we serve and all the communities we serve through our initiatives," said Daglio. "It's an exciting challenge to find ways to work towards a healthier population and to be able to prove that we can make positive changes at lower costs."

Watch Daglio discuss his career path and the various initiatives at Norwalk Hospital in the video above.